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NIPPA® Customer Testimonials:
#1 - Savannah, TN                          

Two years ago a friend told me about finding Nippa Sauna stoves for sale on the internet. I was familiar with the sauna from using electric ones in health clubs and hotels but I had never experienced a wood heated sauna. I ordered, and the stove with a sack of granite rocks arrived a few weeks later. I employed a semi-competent carpenter and his son to help me build the sauna on my farm. It is located next to a log cabin my parents built in the 1930's and on a bluff above the swimming hole where I learned to swim as a child. The sauna is made of western white cedar and insulated with foam roofing insulation. I went generally by the plans I ordered from Nippa with the stove. I made a new trail directly from the sauna to the swimming hole for cooling off in the summer, and have a hose from the cabin for showering in the winter. I light it with oil lamps as I did not install any electricity. At first I though 130 or 140 degrees was hot, but after several tries I got better at fire building and realized that the full experience required at least 190 and up to 230 degrees. I used the sauna alone for most of the first year as most friends were either afraid of it or were too busy. The wood burning sauna is a much more satisfactory experience that electric ones. Selecting, cutting and splitting the firewood is part of the ritual. The sound of the fire and smell of smoke add atmosphere. The sauna is practically maintenance free, only carrying out the ashes and sweeping the floor before each use. It is wonderful to use in both cold and hot weather, especially during rainstorms when you can go out in the rain to cool down.

About a year ago one friend became a devotee. He joined me on the regular Sunday afternoon saunas and says it has dramatically changed his life: lost weight, sleeps better, etc. but he can tell you better than I. Later another friend and her boyfriend h ave become regulars. Others have tried it from time to time, but most people either love it or are not interested. The stove itself performs flawlessly. I start the fire with kindling soaked with firestarter and start adding split pieces of wood. It takes me about an hour to get it to full temperature and then I just add a few sticks while using the sauna. I try to use it only when I have plenty of time and no deadline to meet. Usually I go in and out about five or six times, scrup with a loofa, wash with salt scrub, add pine or birch scent to the water for the rocks, and rub down with skin lotion after the last round. Sometimes I put Polish sausage and onions in foil and heat them on the rocks during the sauna for dinner afterwards. The whole experience is the highlight of the week and I think everyone would actually enjoy it if they would take the time and relax. I have not seen any other sauna stoves except the Nippa, but I cannot imagine any improvement over it, and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested.

John Ross
Savannah, TN

#2 - Cordwood Construction by Rob Roy

"We used a homemade woodstove in our sauna for over 20 years, and thought it was great. When it finally bit the dust, we installed a new wood burning Nippa sauna heater. What a difference! The Nippa seasons our stoveroom 20% faster at any outside temperature, maintains heat longer, and produces a better quality steam. I do not hesitate in recommending the Nippa as a high-quality, moderately priced sauna heater."

Rob Roy, author of The Sauna: A Complete Guide to the Construction, Use, and Benefits of the Finnish Bath (Chelsea Green, 2004)

#3 - Homer, Alaska

Looking around for a heater to fire up my sauna with a lot of time spent surfing the internet to compare and see what's out there, we came across many manufacturer of heaters. NIPPA Sauna Heater manufacturers did answer my inquiry the fastest and questions I did have were dealt with in a way that I could understand and made sense. Long after the sauna was finished I am receiving material from sauna dealers that simply lost out for not being business like about the heater they sell or their product did not compare. The way our NIPPA heater works is fine.

Once one gets the hang of it there is no way to go wrong. I have not come up with one thing that is wrong and one suggestion would be to have a reversible door so it opens to the right or left, what ever one needs...I did ad a gasket to the door and that improved the performance big time.

Happy anniversary to all the NIPPA folks, good product with fine service - I would buy from NIPPA again.Greetings from Homer, Alaska.
Willie und Brigitte

#4 - Heikinpäivä Ice Sauna - Hancock, Michigan

Picture Courtesy of Classic Dock and Canvas ~ Manufacturer of Nippa Sauna Heaters ~ (231) 882-4374. Nippa supplied the wood sauna heater for the ice sauna.

#5 - Western Michigan

I just wanted to thank you for my recent purchase of a Nippa sauna stove.
So far the family and I are completely delighted with our new sauna heater and couldn't have ask for better quality and service. We especially appreciate all the extra time you took to answer my email questions regarding sauna stoves, warranty and installation. I'm especially thankful for the tour of Nippa. The entire experience was very memorable! Once again, thanks for your quick responses and excellent knowledge.

Take care.
Jason Zamojcin
Western Michigan

#6 April 2005

Gibson's Sauna made out of 6x6 pine timbers

Dressing room of Gibson's Sauna

Door into Gibson's Sauna (they used a deer antler for a door handle)

Another view of the dressing room

Inside of Gibson's Sauna. Tamarack was used for the benches due to allergies to cedar. Cedar, poplar or redwood are preferred.

Wall inside dressing room showing the door of the sauna heater. They load the stove from the dressing room and the sauna heater is inside of the sauna room.

This picture is a bit dark, but it gives you the idea of how the stove goes thru the wall.

After 28 years, I finally have a sauna. My husband has been building them for 25 years! You know the old saying a shoemaker's children never have any shoes. I would say the sauna stove builder's wife, never had a sauna. I finally threatened to go to the competition to buy a stove, if he did not build me one.

Finally! Now we had to decide what type. I had seen a friend of our's sauna, with the extention, but on the outside and on the back side of the sauna, with the roof extended, so access to the stove and the wood were out of the elements, only difference is I wanted to have a Nippa Gas Stove instead of the wood stove.

My husband had his own ideas on what he wanted for his masterpiece, so I backed out of it and let him build, as I was going to be happy with anything I could get. He did build a beautiful sauna out of square 6x6 pine timbers (due to my allergies to cedar), with a Nippa Woodstove w/ extension, extending into the change room. The dimensions are 8x16x7 high. We just love it and heat it 3 to 4 times a week.

Bruce has now admitted after sweeping up wood debris in the change room, that the outside extension was a "really" good idea and after building numerous fires, cutting kindling, stacking wood and covering it to keep it dry from the elements, that MAYBE a Nippa Gas Stove would have been the way to go also!!!

Kay Gibson

#7 - Willmar, MN

The bucket and ladle have been GREAT!!!!!! Nothing like throwing a good Loyly!!!!!!!!

What can I say, there is nothing finer than the full meal deal - A tremendous Nippa wood burning sauna stove - a cool Minnesota evening - good company and the wonderful heat the stove provides! I love it and it truly is good for the soul!

Chris O. (Willmar, MN, June 2005)

#8 - Florence, WI

You and Bruce are knowledgeable, accommodating, professional and fast. You knew the size stove I needed based on the size of my sauna, and gave accurate and necessary information about installation of the stove and chimney. Purchasing the stove was a hands-on experience, as we toured your store and shop and were able to see the different stoves. Clearly, you plan and build stoves to fit the particular design of each sauna.

You constructed the stove to my needs, such as the direction of swing of the door, placement and size of the water basin and its drain, and most importantly, higher legs to decrease the amount of stooping necessary to stoke the stove.

I thought it would take a month to get the stove I wanted. Yet, it was ready and delivered in about a week.

I love the gold lettering on the stove. I particularly love that I was able to purchase the perfect stove from people who care about what they are doing and the product they create.

I think the story about how Bruce came into the business, and how the two of you partnered-up, professionally, is a good one that should be added to your website. Thanks for the stove. I love my sauna.

Lisa Brouillette
Florence, Wisconsin - July 2005

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