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Choose Your Custom-Colored Stove Paint!

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NIPPA® Decorative Colors

These colors can be ordered for your NEW gas or wood stove!

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Traditional Satin Black

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Raleigh Blue

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Hunter Green

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Metallic Charcoal & Antique Ruby

Thurmalox silicone-based, heat resistant paints are designed for:

  • Complete refinishing of stoves
  • Painting stove pipes and accessories to match
  • Match stove to room decor
  • Touching up chips, wear and scratch marks
  • Repairing water spotted and bleached out areas
  • Withstands heat up to 1200 degrees F (650 C)
  • Won't flake, peel or rub off
  • Won't burn off, unlike stove polish
  • Outlasts other brands of stove paint
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Decorative Colors : $79.00
Select for Your NEW Stove:

12 oz. spray can for touch-ups: $19.99
Select Below for touch-up paint:


Aluminum Shown
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External Aluminum or Steel Water Tanks

For use with WB and Gas Sauna Stoves

Aluminum and Steel External Water Tanks hang nicely on the right, left, or back of your sauna stoves.
Let the tank heat the water for you for bathing or rinsing.

The spigot is located on the bottom and will turn in any direction needed.

Each include a pivotle spigot on the bottom for your convenience, measure 16"H x 17"W x 8"D and hold approx. 6 gallons of water.

Choose your External Hang-On Tank:


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Outside Firing Extension

An extension collar for firing the stove from outside the sauna room - available on all wood burning models.

We prefer that you choose an extension that is 2" larger than the concrete wall you will use. For example, if you are using 8" block, we recommend the 10" extension.

This will give a 2" setback from your heater to the concrete wall in the sauna room, while the door will be flush to the outer wall.

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We also offer the outside Firing Extension with a Decorative Glass Window

The glass window measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", includes interior glass protector, and can be decorated with the birch leafs shown, or plain (no trim).

View Installation Diagrams & Clearance Chart

Choose your Extension & Options:


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Re-Placement Grate

Re-placement Grate will fit all of our wood heaters, for any of our wood stoves made during the past 35 years!
Because of weight, shipping is roughly $15.00 within the USA.


Buy The Re-Placement Grate!


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Hang-On Heat Shield

Get added clearance or protect your knees during bathing with our hang-on Heat Shield for our sauna heaters! Shown here in sideways views of the front and the back. Will hang on the left, right or rear of our wood and gas heaters.

Order for your stove by using the depth of your stove.

Choose your Hang-On Heat Shield size:


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External Gas Heater Controls

NIPPA® Gas Heater Control features a standard 60 minute timer, thermostat, light switch. For use with OUR GAS heaters. Includes appropriate contactor.


Buy The Gas Heater Control!


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Internal Stainless Coil

Internal Stainless Steel Coils (shown connected to a water holding tank) for the inside of the Sauna Stove. The coils will circulate and heat the water continuously! To be attached to a tank or water holding system that YOU provide. Have lots of warm water on hand for bathing! Order one with your stove today! Can be positioned to either the left or right rear of the stove, and elbow pipe can allow the coils to be plumbed to the side rather than the rear of the stove (also illustrated in the photo).

Download the Complete Manual Download (2.05M)


Buy The Internal Stainless Steel Coil!

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