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Nippa will switch to winter hours on October 23rd!

Our winter hours are Monday - Thursday, 10 AM to 3 PM.

There are Visitors at Nippa® right now!

A warm Welcome to Everyone and Thank You for your time!

NIPPA® Shopping Departments:

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Take a look at our  Stove Accessories!
External Tanks and Window Options
Fireing Extensions & Grates
Paint Colors & Heat Sheilds

Take a look at our  Sauna Accessories!
Blueprints, Buckets, Dippers & Brushes
Aromatheropy Oils, Bathing Products
Thermometers, Hygrometers and Sand Timers

Take a look at our Wood Stove and Wood Furnaces!
Wood Stoves
Wood Furnaces

Take a look at our Wood Sauna Heaters!
Wood Sauna Heaters
Large Sauna Spa Stoves

Take a look at our Propane or Natural Gas Sauna Heaters!

Propane or Natural Gas Sauna Heaters

Take a look at our Electric Sauna Heaters!
Electric Sauna Heaters

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NIPPA® Contact Information:

NIPPA® Sauna Stoves
8862 N US 31
Beulah MI 49617

Hours are M-F 9 AM to 4 PM

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Phone 231-882-7707
Fax 231-882-7025
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NIPPA® Products are made in the USA (mostly):

Wood Heaters / Gas Heaters
Wood Stoves / Wood Furnaces
Made in Michigan!

Grates & Doors
Made in the USA!

Electric Heaters
Sauna Accessories

Made in Finland!

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Nippa Sauna Stoves

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